• Transforming Pain
    Transforming Pain When it comes to addiction or life with an addicted loved one, there is one common denominator… pain! As a result, it eventually boils down to one central Read more
  • Qualities Worth Mentioning
    My mother passed away last year at the age of 84. The reason I mention this is that her life, like yours, was impacted by addicted loved ones. At age Read more
  • Self Care Is Anything But Selfish
    One of the many dysfunctions that can arise in our experiences with our addicted loved one is the tendency to organize our life around the addict, much the same way Read more
  • Seeing Our Spouse as a Whole Person
    In my work as a psychotherapist and leadership mentor I am continually encouraging individuals and couples to live fully and congruently from their Core in all 8 Dimensions in order Read more
  • Allowing the Addicted Loved One to Choose
    One of the most difficult, but critical, lessons we must learn on our journey with the addict is that of letting our loved one live the life they choose to Read more
  • Living Life
    I first heard these words in 2008 on a podcast by Roy H. Williams. In the decade that has followed, these words have helped shape my thoughts, perspective and most Read more
  • Our Emotional Dimension
    As humans, we live in two worlds simultaneously. One world is the outer world that we daily occupy:  activities of work and family, conversations with a friend or coworker, dropping Read more


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